Guus Nieuwenhuijzen Kruseman

Guus Nieuwenhuijzen Kruseman

Consultant Executive Search

Before joining Legal People, Guus worked at a large law firm in Amsterdam. When he discovered that his interests lie more in people than in the purely legal aspects of the job, he made the switch to executive search. At Legal People, Guus combines his knowledge of law firms, the legal market and of 'the legal professional’ with his interest in finding out what the qualities and motives of candidates are, in order to achieve the perfect match for both client and candidate.

"Because I have been a lawyer myself, and having interacted closely with young and more experienced lawyers, I know what is important to them in a career. In addition, because of my own career switch I am able to identify the elements that are important in deciding whether a switch is in order. I am convinced that people will flourish the most when they are in the right job to fulfil their potential. A thriving employee contributes maximally to the success of their employer. A win-win situation! I get my energy from finding this perfect match."

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