About us

Compliance People is a label of Legal People.


We believe that the right person in the right position generates energy and happiness.

That is why we have been working passionately and with a great deal of ambition on filling legal, compliance and tax vacancies for our clients.

As the market leader we aim for the sky: every assignment will be filled successfully. Over the years our approach has developed into the best practice in the market. Our 100% success rate for legal, compliance and tax positions in trade and industry demonstrates that our method works. We are able to reach these results by intensive cooperation between reliable, motivated consultants and highly trained, ambitious support professionals.

Non-profit organisations and  Social Enterprises

In addition to our work for commercial businesses and (local) authorities, we have noticed that non-profit organisations and social enterprises started feeling the need for legal support. For a number of years, we have worked for non-profit organisations on a pro bono basis and also for social enterprises, for which we charge a reduced rate.

We favor social enterprises with our clientele and help actively in propagating brand awareness of the sustainable initiatives we support.

Sustainability of human capital

Legal People believes in a sustainable approach as it comes to entrepreneurship, the world around us and our human resources. To advance the durable activity of our employees, Legal People strives to stimulate healthy and durable behavior at work, so that the employees will be able to keep delivering top performances in the future and live an energetic, long and happy life. To achieve this, all employees at Legal People have taken part in vitality programs guided by a Lifeguard health and performance coach. These programs focused on energy management and behavioral patterns in the organisation to improve the durable activity of the employees. Thanks to these programs we have gained insights on how our people would be able to operate even more from their own strengths and we have made the necessary arrangements within our organisation to meet those. At present in this booming economy, the pressure at works builds up and this theme is even more important than it ever was before.